5 Indicators that Your Air Conditioning Is Inefficient

5 Indicators that Your Air Conditioning Is Inefficient from your friendly HVAC Contractor Maryland


Inefficient HVAC Systems can make it difficult to stay cool during the hot times without over paying on energy bills. To make sure you get the most bang for your energy bucks schedule regular maintenance on your unit.

Air Conditioners are a big investment and over time, issues can arise that can cause them to lose their efficiency. The infamous Maryland heat and humidity have arrived. If your air conditioning system seems to be losing the ability to keep your home or office cool, consider upgrading your system or schedule a checkup with Mr. Comfort of Elkton, Maryland.

Here are 5 Signs That Your Air Conditioner is Not Performing Efficiently:

  1. The most obvious is an increase in your energy bill. This could mean that your air conditioner system is overworking to meet the set temperature.
  2. Ice Formations on coils inside and outside of your home or office indicates a costly leakage.
  3. The air conditioner’s breaker tripping can signal that you need a repair or replacement.
  4. An obvious reduction in air flow could indicate clogged ducts or dusty parts.
  5. If your system always seems to be running, but the temperature and humidity inside is high is a sign that you are facing a need for replacement.

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 10-15 years and proper maintenance will help prolong it. An air conditioner will lose efficiency if the evaporator coils are dirty, inadequate refrigerant levels, leaking ducts and lack of maintenance.

It is best practice to have your air conditioning system checked and maintained at the start of the season to ensure that it is working a full capacity. Mr. Comfort of Maryland can help tune up your unit to keep you cool all summer long!

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Energy Saving Tips for Your Maryland Home

Energy Saving Tips for Your Maryland Home

During the cooler summer days, utilizing the mild temperatures can save you money on your energy bills.

Take advantage of the milder night temperatures by turning off your AC and opening the windows. The longer days of summer reduce the need for indoor lighting. Also, proper maintenance can make appliances run more efficiently. Another great way to reduce your energy consumption.

Here is a List of Energy Saving Tips:

  • Turn your water heater down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (safer for children too!)
  • Operate your thermostat efficiently. Turn off your thermostat when possible, take off your storm windows, put in screens and open up the windows to get your house to a comfortable temperature.
  • Use windows to your advantage – Open to capture either hot or cool air at optimal time and close to trap in the air.
  • Use natural lighting as much as possible. Adjust any lights on a timer to spring lighting needs.
  • Dust or wipe light bulbs. Clean bulbs provide more light. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact florescent light bulbs. They can pay for themselves in a little over a year.
  • Use fans and ventilation. Check ceiling fans to be sure they are clean and in working order. For warmer months, draw air upward, cooling the room and ensuring constant airflow.
  • Keep your cooling system running efficiently. Schedule regular maintenance and read our last article.
  • Wash or replace furnace and air conditioner filters.
  • Clean the tracts on your sliding glass door as this will make sure your door’s seal is tight.
  • Clean your refrigerator condenser coils so that air can circulate freely.
  • Vacuum registers to remove any dust buildup.
  • Seal Cracks in your home by caulking or weather stripping to prevent air leakage.

These are just a few of the things you can do to reduce your energy bills, check out ENERGY.GOV form more energy saving ideas.

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