Preparing Your HVAC System For Winter

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As winter starts to approach and temperatures begin to decrease, you may find an increase in your utility bill. This may be due from the heating throughout your home in order to survive the winter. However, if you prepare your HVAC system prior to the seasonal change you may reduce the cost of your utility bill while at the same expanding the life of your HVAC system.

So how can you prepare your HVAC system? Follow the steps below to get started!

  1. Examine the HVAC System. You should always thoroughly examine your HVAC unit long before the winter months approach to ensure that everything is working properly. If you discover a problem you should contact your local HVAC professional in order to replace the unit prior to colder months.
  2. Change the filter. Many people forget about the filter, but sometimes all it takes is a simple fix to get your HVAC system running properly. You should replace or clean the filter at least every month for the highest efficiency.
  3. Upgrade your thermostat. The older models use mercury which can very inaccurate in terms of measuring temperature. If your home has the older version, you should consider replacing it with a digital thermostat, ensuring accurate temperature within your home. Digital thermostats are also beneficial to have because you can program them to automatically turn off when you leave the house.
  4. Clean the ducts. In order to ensure efficient air flow throughout your home you should clean the air ducts often and inspect to make certain that there is no damage. Damaged air ducts results in blowing waster warm air that ultimately will increase your utility bill.
  5. Call the professionals. There are some things that only the professionals should handle. Heat pumps and oil-fired furnaces require tune ups at least once a year and this should be done by a trained professional within the industry. HVAC technicians are also trained to detect any damage that your HVAC system may acquire, so it’s important to schedule their service annually in order to protect your family from the winter months.

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